Employer Testimonials

Richard Lenton

Over the six years that we have been in partnership with Vanuatu, the RSE workers that we have sourced from there have become the back bone of our kiwifruit labour force. They have remained loyal, stable and highly productive. We always look forward to their return to us.

Kerifresh RSE Labour Manager – Kerikeri, New Zealand

Aaron Jay

 I can say that Ni-Vans we have employed over the past eight years have been highly motivated and have allowed us to grow our business at the same time allowing us to help improve the lives of so many Ni-vans and  the pacific.  Polite, respectful and a hunger for money has given us a motivated and well respected company.  Our company considers the Ni-vans an integral part of our business and therefore we will be looking to recruit more and more each year to keep up with the demand on our company, and galvanize our position in the market place, which comes in part due to the recruitment of these highly motivated men and women from Vanuatu.

General Manager, Hotus Ltd – Marlborough, New Zealand

Delegation outside apple operation

Most productive RSE workers in New Zealand (2013)

At the 2013 RSE Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, on 27 June 2013, the top two prizes awarded by New Zealand employers for the Most Productive Workers went to two Ni-Van workers.


First prize went to Peter Bumseng, originally from Vanvero village, Ambrym Island, Malampa Province, who works for Seasonal Solutions Ltd.  Second prize went to David Orah, from Vasoro Village, Lamen Island, Epi, Shefa Province, who works for Turners and Growers in New Zealand

Peter Bumseng

First prizegetter Peter Bumseng is in his early 40s, married with three kids, living now in Port Vila.  He has been to New Zealand for ten seasons where he has been promoted to Supervisor for the last five years.  He works there for Seasonal Solutions Ltd, in Cromwell, Central Otago, on vineyards harvesting grapes, pruning and thinning and vine maintenance.  As a Supervisor he is a Team Leader of a team of Ni-Van RSE workers inspiring them to be highly productive on the job, and he encourages them to be like ambassadors for Vanuatu away-from-work too.


Peter has shown impressive leadership as the ‘go-between’ representative of the team in discussing employment and living conditions with their employer.


Peter has used this opportunity to start a small business in public transport.  He builds a house for his family on land he purchased, and is paying the school fees for his kids. Peter has also started a cattle project on the island.  Peter’s wife plays her part in caring for the wives and kids of team members back home through mutual support and companionship.


David Orah

Second prizegetter David Orah is 30 years old and lives with his wife and son in Lamen Bay, Epi Island.  Now in his eighth season as an RSE worker with Kerifresh Ltd (Now T & G), in Kerikeri, Northland, NZ, David works almost exclusively within their Kiwifruit Division.


He has been one of the head pruners for many seasons as well as being part of a very productive harvesting team.  David is Co-leader of their Ni-Vanuatu workers and leads by example, showing just what can be achieved with hard work and a great attitude.  David’s wife Leitare Orah also a RSE worker with T & G is now in her sixth season.


They have built a new house in Lamen Bay and extended it.  Since completing their house they have installed solar panels for power and a plastic tank to collect rainwater.  They are also paying for their son’s school fees and have opened an account for him to help pay for further education (e.g. university). They have built a new house for David’s parents and have recently built another house which is used as guest accommodation.  They have also bought a motor boat which is used as a water taxi. They employ a local man to operate the taxi while they are working in New Zealand.  At the moment they are making a well to ensure that the family has plenty of water in the dry season.  They will pump the water up to a plastic tank that they are going to put up on the hill behind their house.

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